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Hello there, Teemaree here. I am a minister, spiritual life coach, and author. My message is all about overcoming and how to live your best life now. When it comes to relationships, it can be hard to be in a healthy one. Especially if you have not had good role models in this arena. Let’s face it, sometimes even with good role models, it is difficult because once our feelings are involved, things can be scary, overwhelming, or just plain hard. So how can we experience healthy relationships???

This week I released a new video in my “Love For You Now” series that provides an easy answer to that question. We must start with ourselves. We must keep our thoughts, words, and focus, on love. Not getting it, but being it and recognizing it in the world around us. Want clarity on this?

Watch my video for help here:


While relationships are our greatest mirrors and teaching moments, there is no relationship that will ever take us past what we are willing to discover for ourselves. Remember to keep your thoughts, words, and actions focused on love. This will help you experience healthy relationships quickly.

To find out more about me and how I can help you live your best life now, please visit my website www.teemaree.com

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