When Friends fail…

    When Friends Fail...


    It all began fine and rosy,
    We were always together even when the weather was not cosy,
    Enjoying each others company all through,
    The bond was so tight, even air wouldn’t pass through,
    Then it all started,
    You were also startled,
    I was in a deep mess,
    And you my friend left me in the mess,
    I sought your face,
    But all I got was a gaze,
    Where was my friend the one who ate with me my bread,
    It seemed like I was taking a nap,
    But my friend was gone swift like a finger snap,
    Then I asked the question,
    Why did you leave when all seemed like an illusion,
    Then I saw it all, do not depend on a friend
    ‘cos your friend could leave you at the very end.

    Poem written by: AYODEJI EMMANUEL.


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