Blue; by South Sudan's Gloria Ssali.

    What is the dowry of change?

    Few a man know what it is and fewer can pay it,

    I have walked down the aisle waiting for as many would come.

    You tarry; I will wait since my name is the song of several mouths and longing of many hearts.

    If you are reneging what you swore, at least my bit is done.

    Mention my name no more if you are a kind that dies a thousand times before dying.

    Ask the eagle if you are too shy to ask me.

    The eagle, it goes beyond the snake line, beyond the eyes of the minds of men.

    Where the pride of mountains lies and trees have no whisper.

    It peels itself clean, waits until it feathers new strength.

    It soars and sings, there is no change without sacrifice, no change without pain.

    Now you know change is not free; my mother is your circumstance.

    Its dowry is sacrifice, its price is pain.

    Don’t ask again, what’s the dowry of change?

    Written by; Mr Tunde Akinola.



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