Victory and Defeat; Lessons from Usain Bolt.

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    In every defeat, lies a winner.

    I’m of the opinion that “Failure is when you fail and fail to try again.” For every failure or defeat you go through, it does not mean you have lost, it means you have learnt and you are one step closer to winning. Whenever we lose, we get to know more about the reason for the loss and how we can get better next time. It is also very Important to focus more on what the defeat teaches us, so we can come back strongly.

    I was overwhelmed by the maturity put on by Usain bolt during the recent IAAF 100 metres event. For years ago now, he had never lost the 100 m race but he did lose to Gatlin and I was dazed by the humility of this great man, despite defeat. He went on to celebrate Gatlin, placing second behind him. But, there was another thing I noticed in the race, Usain did not give up until the end of the race.

    You see guys, no matter how much we are defeated, we should feel the sense of victory. What is Defeat? Nothing but education; Nothing but the first step to something better. Whenever, I fail, I go back and reflect on my mistake and bounce back again. Anything I choose to do, I do not see defeat as an option. However, if defeat shows up, I embrace it and go for it again. I realize that we need to learn never be scared to ask those who have won, the secret behind their success. Humility pays a lot.

    Ultimately, if life leaves you with the option of defeat, choose to win always, no matter what. I am a winner and you are too.

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    Kayode Alabi
    Social Entrepreneur| Career Coach| Public Speaker



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