About amazing KECHI OKWUCHI (Sosoliso Plane crash survivor)…

    Kechi Photo credit: Ventures Africa

    In the year 2005, the month of December, Nigeria experienced a terrible shock and pain with the News of the Sosoliso plane crash with took the lives of about 108 people leaving only two survivors. The plane was scheduled to fly from Abuja to Port Harcourt. The disaster occurred when it crash landed in port harcourt and burst into flames immediately. The accident claimed the lives of 60  high school students from Loyola Jesuit Academy..

    Seems like all hope is lost right..

    Kechi Ogwuchi one of the survivors of the accident, graduated from the university with a first clsss bagging a BBA in Economics in 2015, from the university of St Thomas Houston, Texas USA. She works with a non-profit Organization in Houston while still nursing the desire to work with either the united nations, world bank or world health Organization.

    Kechi has proven to be a symbol of Strength, determination, and of course a living testimony!! Being able to bounce back stronger than ever, having undergone 100 surgeries, suffered a third degree burn with over 65% of her body affected, and at some point had financial challenges while trying to apply for her master’s degree program which resulted in the gofundme campaign…She is simply amazing.

    Kechi Okwuchi before the crash. Image courtsey; nairaland forum.

    At every point in time Kechi finds and hold on to  every reason to live and appreciate herself. Speaking on Americas got talent which she featured in earlier this year, She said music has been her escape route in bad situations. And subsequently mentioning the support of her family and friends as well as prayers as her strong pillar in other interviews.

    From her story we learn that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, for every dark situation there’s an escape route…so find a reason to live and be grateful and most importantly, never loose hope!

    Adapted from Naij.com..

    Compiled and written by

    Kelechi Gloria, for rgnmedia.


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