Odunwande Premieres Debut Single Titled ‘Press’ [Produced By D. Krieton]


    The wait is finally over people!!!

    *Odunwande Premieres Debut Single Titled ‘Press’ [Produced By D. Krieton]*

    The song press is odunwande debut single and is geared at giving hope and encouragement to the discouraged ; that believing in yourself, you can yet move forward and on till your goal is achieved! Keep the “press”!

    Please download, listen and be blessed. Pleeeassssse kindly help rebroadcast too. God bless

    #Repin #RhealyzNaija

    Download MP3 Here

    At times, all you need to get to your promise land is just a little “PRESS”. This song will renew your hope where you’ve wanted to give up 👌

     LYRICS (Press by Odunwande)

    When you look all around you
    And no ones interested in you
    When your dreams aren’t coming through
    And you’ve prayed but there’s no breakthrough
    When you’re so deeply hurt in your heart and your eyes are tired of crying
    You’ve got to believe in yourself
    ‘Cos you’re set apart for greatness
    Trust your future into Gods hands
    Be strong keep pressing on
    Don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop
    ‘Cos the world is waiting for you
    When you look around you
    And no one believes in you
    Doubts and fear embracing you
    And you’re stuck cos there’s no way out
    When your ideas are not working out 
    and you’re thinking of letting all go
    When you’ve put all your strength in the game 
    but there’s no gain to show for it
    Challenges will come your way
    There’ll be stumbling blocks you’ll have to cross
    It won’t last forever
    And it is time to be who you’re meant to be
    Hold yourself and be ready
    Rest soul believe in God’s word
    Rest soul the world is waiting
    Don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop
    Cos the world is waiting for you


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