photo credit; Bomak studios for RGN Media.

    We build amidst the strongest forces,
    Where dirt leads to death but men fail to die,
    We want clean lands and water ways,
    So, our homes, people may never hear what the water says.

    Fumes and gases of several heaviness,
    Rendering human lives in a heavy mess,
    Pilfered coats of the sky’s suns,
    As our Greenhouse effects render lives black and full of defects.

    Exhaust pipes have exhausted lives’ ability to see another day,
    The suns now shine hotter than the summer rays,
    Where will the world be if the world fails to stay?
    The world is going into oblivion and ease seems the only way!

    Ease on life, ease on chimneys and fertilizers on our lands,
    Chemicals killing our soils and bringing the sky’s brute to us,
    Where shall we go? The earth of course!
    What we face is from our hands, it’s not from curse.

    The evolution of the world renders life lifeless for living souls,
    And making that difference is a development goal,
    Prevent flooded homes when the rains descend,
    Take caution from the gases and fail to pretend,
    That we are dying softly, subtly and gently, we live in pains,
    The evolution of pollution has landed us in losses and we loosen the chains,
    This must be an end to the scanty leaves eaten deeply by a tweak in nature,
    We shall end pollution in the form of human behaviour!
    That our hands, acts and art shall be our own saviour!

    May the souls of men sleep in peace and not in piss
    That the polluted lands leave us in,
    Our waterways be cleaned and our lands be saved,
    That we don’t run into holes and caves,
    When the time comes, when our works shall tell,
    May the idea of a cleaner, less pollute environment sell!

    Written by

    Balogun Ridwan for Rgnmedia.
    I.G username : Balogunridwanadetayo
    Facebook :Balogun ridwan


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