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    This is the new Nigeria we will continue to Rhealyz…..Thanks for encouraging us about a brighter future and celebrating a hardworking Nigeria

    An Experience shared by by Tolucci
    Kudos – Was dashing out of Lagos to meetup a 4:00 p.m speaking engagement at Osogbo – Osun State.

    At about 11a.m, with the early morning rain still pouring down, i negotiated Osborne/Foreshore Road-Ikoyi inward 3rd mainland Bridge. Suddenly my car tyres hit some metal shrapnel hidden underneath the flood on the lanes. A little movement towards Adeniji/Adekunle and Gboa!! Two tyres went FLAT.

    Getting stuck on #3MB is not an experience you wish for. Before i could blink – #ALAYE’s (3 Area Boys/Street Urchins) from Adeniji Adele were already jogging towards me.

    They started demanding #OwoILe. 20K!!!!!!…..I’m like – can you sight any ATM machine in the car? Trust the Area Boy instinct in an average Lagosian, i started wording them. They started getting unruly and i was calculating my next moves incase they try getting physical. Their chairmen were calling from under the bridge for updates and they were like….Bobo yi o cooperate o (He’s not cooperating o). Network was horrible and when my phone could find a bar, i quickly called my wife to call #LASEMA ( @lasemasocial )and my mechanic to get tyres and meet me up.

    In less than 5 minutes and i’m not kidding, this #LASEMA Agent – MR OWOLABI OLAWALE JUBRIL rode in on his bike. He already envisaged the situation and notified a Government Patrol convoy on his way coming. At their arrival ALL THE BOYS TOOK TO THEIR HEELS.

    He took charge – Setup Cone barriers on the road to condone off other motorist in the rain till my mechanic joined me, approximately in about an hour.

    After we were done, i requested to give him some cash as appreciation, HE DECLINED. Requested for his account details – HE DECLINED. Just said I AM DOING MY JOB. He only permitted me to take his pictures and i codedly snapped his bike plate number. I was not only impressed, I was DAZED.

    This post is to celebrate MR OWOLABI OLAWALE JUBRIL (Bike Number – LRU- 008 LA) for being such a RARE Nigerian and to LASEMA (@lasemasocial ) for such amazing, timely & Speedy response. @akinwunmiambode ūüĎć

    #rhealyznaija #wecandoitright


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