Greenacres Regenerative Agriculture Scholarship Fund


    HMI is excited to announce that we recently received funding from the Greenacres Foundation for the Greenacres Regenerative Agriculture Scholarship Fund. This fund provides scholarships to young and beginning farmers and ranchers or those producers transitioning to regenerative agricultural practices for in depth Holistic Management training. These full and partial scholarships are need- and merit-based to train the next generation of regenerative agricultural producers.

    C.D. Pounds

    Scholarships have been so important for many farmers and ranchers, like C.D. Pounds of Texas, to learn these critical regenerative agricultural practices for the 21st century. C.D. says, “Because of the scholarship and training we received from HMI for the Beginning Farmer Program, our soil health has increased with multi-species in our pastures allowing us to winter graze our cattle with little or no supplemental hay. Prior to this, we purchased 100-150 bales each winter. We have also experienced an increase in net profit each year since implementing the financial planning we learned. This fast-paced year, the increase is over 85% on the farm. Thank you so much!”

    To learn more about applying for an HMI scholarship, visit our Scholarship page.

    Greenacres Foundation was also a key supporter of the HMI documentary, “The First Millimeter. This PBS documentary is a mosaic of interviews with Holistic Management® practitioners combined with stunning footage of holistically managed landscapes in Africa, North America, and Australia. Innovative grazing management practitioners explain why the first millimeter of soil is critical to our collective future, and they share the practices they use to build healthy soils and vibrant communities.

    Individualized Distance Learning Course in Holistic Grazing Planning

    Do you want to increase forage production?

    Would you like a grazing process that helps you better manage your animals?

    Are you ready to heal the landscape and improve wildlife habitat with livestock?

    In this course you will learn the key grazing planning principles and practices for improving land health and productivity. You will learn the steps to this simple approach to grazing planning so that you can better analyze and address critical grazing considerations, as well as determine forage inventory, animal needs, and grazing and recovery periods.

    This course begins when you sign up and is 100% one-on-one learning with a Holistic Management Certified Educator.

    • How to address key management considerations
    • Identification & mapping of grazing areas for effective management of forage
    • Regenerative grazing principles
    • How to determine animal carrying capacity and  herd makeup
    • Plant recovery periods and grazing periods
    • Approaches to written grazing planning to maximize productivity and profitability
    • Implementing and monitoring a grazing plan for success
    • Feed needs for grazing and non-grazing periods
    • Developing grazing plans that works with Nature
    • Basics of using animal behavior to improve grazing management
    • You’ll develop a grazing plan which will consist of a grazing map and grazing chart that identifies key management issues, estimated forage production, actual forage utilization, and livestock moves to maximize forage production and animal performance.
    • Explore issues around grazing and recovery periods
    • Discuss options for grazing implementation and how they influence infrastructure development and animal performance

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