Transparency International Anti-Corruption Award 2018 for anti-corruption heros. – Scholarship and Grants Opportunities


    Join us in offering these deserving individuals due recognition for their decision and bravery.Launched in 2000 as

    the Stability Award, and renamed in 2016, the Anti-Corruption Award honours exceptional individuals and organisations worldwide, consisting of reporters, public prosecutors, government officials and civil society leaders.Winners provide inspiration to the

    anti-corruption motion since their actions echo a common message: that corruption can be challenged.The Anti-Corruption Award might be provided to an individual(or an organisation)discharging official or professional responsibilities along with to an activist(s)from all walks of life.The Anti-Corruption Award Committee, the body responsible for assessing nominations and selecting winners, may choose approximately 2 award recipients. In making these awards, the Committee will consider the have to recognise efforts in varied fields of civil society, the economic sector and federal government and to acknowledge anti-corruption initiatives throughout the world.The Award consists of a trophy and involvement in a public award ceremony throughout the 18th edition of the International Anti-Corruption Conference to occur from the 22nd to the 24th of October 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark.The Anti-Corruption Award may, in some cases, have an extensive effect, as the recognition may contribute to social, political and economic developments in the nations to which they relate. For that reason, in choosing Anti-Corruption Award receivers, the Anti-Corruption Award Committee follows a clear assessment procedure honouring the right of participation and level playing field while ensuring diversity. In thinking about elections, the Anti-Corruption Award Committee likewise tries to find geographical and occupational balance.Nominees need to fulfill the following requirements: Nominees must have undertaken an action that is most likely to considerably affect, or to have had a considerable influence on, existing levels of corruption in his/her respective nation or region.The action must be one

    • most likely to bring in interest and emulation in other parts of the world.The action should be especially brave and exemplary, inspirational and deserving of broad international recognition.The action ought to recognise the longevity of commitment to battling corruption.Nominations for posthumous awards can be considered by the Committee just in truly remarkable cases.MAY 31: Require nominations opens Take part in the 2018 Anti-Corruption Award!JUL 15: Due date for nominations At Midnight of 15 July 2018 the call for nominations
    • closes. Do not be reluctant to nominate somebody today!AUG 2018: Review & Selection The Anti-Corruption Award Committee evaluates the elections and prepares a shortlist.OCT 22– 24: Award Winner( s)announced Application Deadline: July 15th 2018 The Anti-CorruptionAward identifies the nerve and determination of the lots of people and organisations combating corruption

      all over the world.



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