Child education in Nigeria.! what needs to be done.

Photo credit: Bomak studios for Rhealyz Green Network (Rhealyz Naija).

With improved technology, and rapid change in almost every sector in any economy, which the 21st century offers, one will not imagine however that over 4.7 million Nigerian children are out school, and those being enrolled in school have challenges in learning as they struggle with factors such as inadequate teachers, inadequate learning facilities, some pupils still learn under trees due to deteriorated classrooms and school building. Believe it or not an article written by Unicef in 2015 reveals this.


According to Unicef 2015, Urban areas are affected more as the number of schools, facilities and teachers are inadequate compared to the number of children eligible, this is due to the population pressure. Hence teaching and learning becomes less effective compared to expectations.

The Nigerian Government has tried to provide a solution to this challenge, but then results still fall below expectations.

Its a wake up call for Nigerians individually to do what we can to support education in every way, as this key to our bright future.

Rhealyz Green Network, contributes her quota to help provide solutions to the challenges faced in Nigerian educational system through Kit a Child Project. Presently, the Ongoing Kit a Child Project 1000 was initiated to provide basic educational materials e.g text books, note books, writing materials, etc for children, cater for the needs of the teachers and generally work on improving vocational skills and infrastructure necessary for child learning effectively. However, this is to be made possible by donation of one thousand naira or its equivalent to support the project. All Nigerians are enjoined to participate.

(details in the flyer below).




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