Components of songs Part 1

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Structure in music refers to the arrangement of songs in a definite order. Songs can be arranged in different ways, but the most common is the verse/chorus arrangement. Whatever form a song takes; it is made up of the following

  1. INTRODUCTION OR INTRO: In most cases the intro of a song is usually done by the instruments; however some vocals can also be used for intro, sometimes in acapella form or solo. Intros for slow songs are usually short while that of up tempo songs are longer.
  2. VERSE: The verse plays two major functions in a song which are; to lead to the chorus, and to convey the information of the song. In most songs there are two verses however, some songs have more than two. In any case, the verses have similar tune though there may be variations so as to sort the lyrics. The verses have different lyrics, and for songs that do not have chorus, there is always a line (usually at the end of the verse) that is similar in all the verses.

    Designed by Freepik
  3. PRE CHORUS: As the name implies, it usually precedes the chorus and it is often referred to as climbs or lifts or Pre hook, or channels. They are usually used to heighten the interest of the listener and also make the verse lengthy. The lyrics of the pre chorus and the melody for all the verses are always the same except the writer chooses not to make it so. Sometimes, the pre- chorus can be sung just once in the first verse after which it is dropped in consequent verses.
  4. CHORUS: It is the most interesting and most important part of the song because it is the part of the song that sticks most to the memory of the listener. It is repeated after each verse and bridge; it has the same melody all through and most of the time the song title is always in the chorus. It always has the same lyrics but in some cases the lyrics may be altered to give additional details about the song. ….. to be continued


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