DARK FIGURES (POETRY) Photo credit; ybustos.weebly.com

It was a soft evening
Perhaps not as soft as it seems
The unrepentant rain lashing at us
The wind upon our backs so pressing
It seems like the weather god is unstable
For her rumbling stomach shows she is upset
But her coldness is Spawn across the plains of our heart.

Golden streaks across the sky
Darkened like a night of locks
Our day became intertwined with the path of night
Revealed is a figured beauty in the dark
A black beauty in the dark
Shady trees accompanying her footpaths.

A shriek so loud to send demons to hell
The blurry vision of the shining silvery sword
Piercing through the beauty in the darkness
Blood flowing, whispers heard
Beaded sweats of betrayal and dust
Clinging firmly to the skin
Even nature is quiet
As it sees through un/inhuman activities.

Nature will take its full course
But the slender dark figure is in agony.

 Written by A. M. M. Winnie,
 Faculty of law, O. A. U.


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