Glen Alpine science trainee wins Princess Mary scholarship

Tennille Vitagliano (best) with Crown Princess Mary and the fellow scholarship winner.Who knew a profession

in science would see you hobnobbing with royalty?Glen Alpine resident Tennille Vitagliano

was recently awarded the prominent Crown Princess Mary Scholarship from the University of Copenhagen for her research study in the field of immunology.The 22-year-old is finishing a Master of Research at Western Sydney University and has invested 6 months finishing her thesis on exchange in Denmark.She stated getting the scholarship and conference Princess Mary was an amazing time.”It was a little surreal considering

I didn’t anticipate anything to come from my application,” the previous John Therry Catholic High School and Broughton Anglican University student stated.”I am profoundly grateful to be among the two receivers of the scholarship.”Ms Vitagliano stated Princess Mary was beautiful and the scholarship ceremony was “totally relaxed”. “The choice committee, the Australian Ambassador to Denmark, the Rector

of the University of Copenhagen and Princess Mary made it feel extremely inviting to become part of,

“she stated.”Princess Mary stayed for half an hour to talk with the Australian attendees after the event.” It was such an honour to satisfy her. She was kind, thoughtful and truly interested in not only my project,

however the concerns surrounding youths and access to education.”Ms Vitagliano’s work checks out the way the body operates in relation to healing.” My thesis is focused on hereditary advancement and wound recovery in people, “she said.”I am intending to construct a case for the presence of injury-induced enhancers that trigger pro-inflammatory gene pathways.”However it’s not just her scientific questions that earned Ms Vitagliano her scholarship.She was also picked for her community participation and inspiration for learning.

“I am a strong supporter for motivating local high school trainees in the higher western Sydney location to pursue higher education,

particularly through the Western Sydney University program known as Quick Forward, “she stated.

“This program has truly made an effect in establishing the knowledge, confidence, and skills of students to educational attainment. “My own individual motivation for studying at the University of Copenhagen was to establish myself into the kind of individual who isn’t really afraid to dream huge.” Ms Vitagliano stated she was attracted to science because she had a curious mind growing up.”I have actually always taken pleasure in the challenge of trying to understand how things work, “she stated.” I enjoy that in science there is always more to

explore, always more to do. Absolutely nothing is 100 per cent particular-it can just be’less unsure ‘.”I grew up wanting to know how the body worked. What stops us from getting

sick? How does our body fight disease?”The truth is we do not have all these answers, so I chose that I desired to

belong to discovering them. “Ms Vitagliano wishes to see more eager young minds exploring an education

in science.”I completely motivate young individuals, kids and girls, to understand that if you are passionate about something, chase it,”she stated.

“The medical sciences are challenging, but if you’re up for the task of wishing to belong to something larger than yourself, the finest method to

begin is by establishing a meeting with your school’s profession consultant. “



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