Happiness and Paintings!

HAPPINESS don't Cost a thing! By tony clown. IG; @tonyclown.

People walk length and breadth of the earth searching for happiness. If only we can be like children, and keep it simple! Things that make us happy should not be the big things of life, for they are mere additionals. They should be things given to us freely by God, what is on the inside… The gift of Nature!! Below is a painting of a little child happy and smiling because he is enjoying the feel of the water being poured on his head.. That’s what we need!! a calm spirit, a calm sou…l simple, free and highly necessary. He might not have

HAPPINESS don’t Cost a thing! By tony clown.
IG; @tonyclown.

a Honda, toyota, or G-wagon… But he has his happiness, when he finally gets his Honda its only an additional. Note; ENJOY WHAT YOU HAVE NOW!!


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