How To Go From Negative Thoughts To Positive Quick…By Teemaree.

photo credit; Hypnosis

Our thoughts have tremendous power. Because of this, it is important to be mindful of what we are thinking. As human beings we will feel a number of different emotions and have a number of different thoughts. This isn’t about eliminating what will naturally happen, it is about being able to control our mind and emotions so we can feel (because it’s healthy) without getting derailed and stuck in a thought or emotion that doesn’t serve our greatest good.

So how do we go from negative to positive quickly? I will share with you two approaches. The first is gratitude. The biggest flip we can do in negative times is begin to feel thankful. Not for the strife or problem, but for all the things we appreciate and enjoy. It can be anything!!! Just start to list things you are grateful for. Say it silently or out loud but do it. This will take you from negative to positive quickly.

Another way to go from negative to positive quickly is to listen to or watch or think of something funny. It could be a memory, a show, a joke, something you see around you. It could even be something funny about the negative situation you find yourself in. This is another way to master your thoughts and emotions quickly.

Your thoughts and emotions have power and the more you can look to the light, the more light you will experience. It is a law. It is guaranteed.

I have personally experienced this and help my clients do the same. Cheers to your best life now. You are amazing, needed, and always supported. Simply remember that to experienceit often. With love,

Actor, Minister, Spiritual Life Coach, and Author



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