Innovation to beat your Imagination!! Car made from Rafia!!

Nigerian Made Handwoven car...Ojo Obaniyi

Over the years, we have thought of Rafia palm as suitable for only mats, baskets, and the likes. But in 2015 Obaniyi Ojo an artisan based in ibadan Oyo state Nigeria…took sheets of rafia and wove them into a pick up truck. The first Ever in Nigeria.

photo credit: Ventures Africa

His statement is most capturing He said “I want to prove a point that it is not only the educated elite that can make positive changes in the society” (adopted from ventures africa).

The statement leaves a huge question on our minds; “what value have we placed on our creativity”. The beauty of handwork is the fact that it has the ability to transform anything, it all depends on how passionately it is explored.

The essence of education is KNOWLEDGE, the essence of knowledge is the ability to effect positive changes. Join Rhealyz Naija as we promote knowledge…#wecandoitright!


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