Jemmy’s Book Review: Things I Wished I Had Known Before We Got Married

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This is not a joking matter o.
You see this book (THINGS I WISHED I HAD KNOWN BEFORE WE GOT MARRIED) by Gary Chapman, have read it over and over again and am still reading it.
If there’s anything I value most in life is having a good marriage.
Reading this book has helped me see that being in love is not an adequate foundation for building a successful marriage.

That romantic love has two stages.
That apologizing is a sign of strength.
That mutual sexual fulfilment is not automatic.
That spirituality is not to be equated with “going to church”
That we needed a plan for handling money.
That forgiveness is not a feeling and many more.

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I recommend this book for you, yes you. It’s never too early to start reading books and listening to messages on marriage. I discovered that marriage is a school without graduation, the moment you say yes to a man that’s all o, no turning back. My prayer for everyone is that we will not miss it in marriage and especially the marriage supper of the lamp.
Stay blessed.

…Jemmy Odeyemi

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