Students from Bangladesh are been invited to hurry and submit their applications for the Junior School Certificate (JSC) Scholarship for the Year 2018. Only eligible scholars will be considered for this program, Hurry and apply right now.


The Junior School Certificate, also known as JSC, is a public examination taken by students in Bangladesh after successful completion of eight years of schooling. It is followed by Secondary School Certificate (SSC).

Many students are doing better in this exam. Before this was only a vocational exam and not must be given exam. Since 2011 JSC is being taken in full Creative (locally Srijonshil) questions. It is said that JSC was also introduced so that the poor and destitute people of rural part of the country can do well in the exam; examinees are allowed to retake the exams with other regular examinees the following year if they fail.

Mark Distribution System

The Education Boards of Bangladesh has provided the Result based on GPA (Grade Point Average), which depends on each Subject average Grade Point (GP). If you score 70 (Seventy), Marks will count as GP 4.00 and if 69 (Sixty Nine) Marks, it will count GP 3.50. For better understanding , the marks distribution chart is provided below. Note: All Bangladeshi public Exam Result Publish with this GPA Method.

Marks Range Grade Point (GP) Letter Grade
0 To 32 0.00 F
33 To 39 1.00 D
40 To 49 2.00 C
50 To 59 3.00 B
60 To 69 3.00 A-
70 To 79 4.00 A
80 to 100 5.00 A+


The Jsc scholarship program is a yearly event made available for Bangladeshi students,

JSC  examination first started in 2010 under 8 education boards. In 2017 the pass rate of JSC was 73%. Its increasing day by day ,Though a great number of student will get A+ but some of students will not get their desire result. So student will want overlook their JSC . so students will get the change to overlook their exam paper by online application.

Who will get the scholarship?

It is the standard question that always has our mind after publishing the result from the previous year. We have a simple solution for it. The student who got average 90 to 95 marks in JSC exam after releasing result then we ensure you that the students must get talent pool scholarship. And the students who got 85-90 marks in JSC exam will then get the student General award.
For those who get scholarships, a monthly amount is allocated. And after six months, their allocated money was paid to them. The students who will get the scholarship, how much money will they receive every month?

How many students will be awarded for JSC/JDC scholarship?

According to the ministry of education, total 9000 (Nine Thousand Students) will be awarded Talent pool scholarship and 30,000 (Thirty thousand) students will get general grade scholarships.


Jsc examination will knocking at your door and you sure will be adequate preparation for it. It is only wise to look for Bangladesh global studies question and common suggestion.to get more information on this please see this link


There are two types of Scholarship according to the Education board and ministry.

They are

  • Talent Pool
  • General Grade

The rewards of Scholarship are 300 BDT per Month for the Talent Pool and 225 BDT per month for the general Grade students.


This scholarship is to be taken in Bangladesh


This scholarship is for Bangladesh students 


Talent pool Scholarship candidates will get 300/- per month that means 3600/-   in a year. The General Grade Scholarship candidates will get 225/- per month that means 2700/- in a year.


This is the most common questions after publishing the results. The real info is there is no hard and fast rule about this.

We have found a simple solution.

Here is the possible solution

Those who get 85-95% marks in JSC Exam he can expect to get the scholarship. If the marks are between 90-95% then he can expect Talent pool Scholarship and 80-85% marks holder can expect General Grade Scholarship.


It is very simple to a get JSC  Scholarship Bangladesh . You get the result by following just two simple ways. These ways are SMS method and the online method. Students can get the result by using any operators SIM and by using the online method if he has an online connection. These methods are discussed below only for you.

How to get the result by using SMS method: It is a very simple method of getting a result. Almost most of the people of Bangladesh have a mobile phone. They get the result by using their message option of the mobile phone. He can get a result from any mobile phone operator SIM. The process of getting the result by SMS method is given below.

  • At first, go to message option of your mobile phone.
  • Type JSC and give a space.
  • Then write first three letter of your education board.
  • After doing this give another space and type roll number.
  • Then give a space and type year as 2018.
  • At last, send this message to 16222.

JSC <space> education board name <space> roll number <space> year and send it to 16222.

For example: JSC <space> DHA <space> 12345 <space> 2018 send it to 16222.

How to get the result by using the online method: It is also a simple method of getting a result. You can get the result by using the online method if you have an internet connection. The process of getting the result by the online method is given below.

  • Select result name as JSC/JDC.
  • Select year as 2018.
  • board name.
  • Then type your roll and registration number.
  • At last, solve security math and click on submit button. You get the result by following this method properly.


Though this years JSC scholarship is said to commence around november, but there has been np deadline placed on the program so far, we encourage that you keep checking this site for the latest information on this program.

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