Nigerian youth advised to debar old politicians in 2019



In spite of signing into law the not to young to rule by President Muhammed Buhari, Nigerian Youths on Thursday, have actually been prompted to debar any prospect above the age of seventy years from objecting to for any elective post in 2019.

Speaking at the INEC first Abubakar Momoh memorial lecture at the auspices at the auspices of ‘The Electoral Institute’, Prof. Assisi Asobie stated that youths should can use their demographic and social media to that effect.According to him, 1999 constitution of Nigeria legally disposes a large segement of youth population from competing for elective positions in the country.Prof. Asobie who described the provisions as prejudiced versus Nigerian youth noted that youths can eliminate the obstacle themselves by doing the needed.”To expand the frontier of full political franchise for Nigerian youth and close the age space between the right to vote and ideal to be chosen, the minimum age needs to be 18 years”He pointed out the report by UNDP as putting the typical age for delighting in the right to be elected st 25 years globally.To achieve this, he stated that youth

should form a strategic alliance with women groups and associations, organised labour and quickly- to-become youths.Earlier in a welcome remark by the Acting Director of the Electoral Institute, Dr. sa’ad Umar said research shows that Nigerian youth(18-24 years of age tend not to vote due to absence of interest in politics, do not understand the voting system, do unknown who to choose amongst others as reasons for not getting involved actively in politics.He said there is have to motivate youths to take part and find out about our political and electoral system by helping them to recognise that they, as citizens of Nigeria with rights and liberties have power to effect modification.”Among the function of INEC is promoting public awareness of electoral

matters by conducting civic/voter education and info programmes for the members of the general public, consisting of youths”.


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