Picture it.


Take a walk in the cool of the evening, let the cool breeze blow into your face. 

Allow yourself listen to the sounds that are ever present in nature; drowned out by the noises we make within and without.

 Allow yourself relax; allow your mind open; then begin to imagine. 

Imagination, my dear friend, is the first step to achievements and accomplishments and it is best done in solitude; when the body is relaxed and the mind at ease. A man is only as great as what his mind can conceive; before any invention in history, the inventor allows himself to imagine a world where his invention exists. 

So now, what is your big dream? What is that thing you want to accomplish? What is that big event you want to organize? That dream job! Take a walk and imagine yourself in that position, imagine yourself in front of that crowd, imagine yourself receiving that award. Let that picture be entrapped in your mind. Let it be what you wake up to and what you go to bed thinking about.

She scribbled down her goals for the week, the light from the lamp illuminated her face

She read to herself the big dream once again; the pyramid she had traced towards it.

This week was another brick placed gingerly on the earlier all leading to the summit

She closed her eyes; saw herself again; breathing in and out as the picture flooded her mind with light.

With this picture firmly in mind, the next step calls out. Work towards this dream. Involve yourself in activities that will culminate in the fulfillment of this dream. Get a to-do list. Tick off each goal that leads to the goal. After imagining, get to work. You work with purpose, with a goal in mind, you get on the road with your destination fully in mind.

His skin glistened with sweat, jolts of pain shot up his arms

He still had a long way to go; the digger didn’t perspire, its dull blade was staring at him; as if mocking him.

He still had another feet or more to dig; his body was worn out.

He had just been working for 45 minutes; “give up” his mind thought

He could just be like every other boy in his village; inherit the farm and marry Abike; he did admire her and she had shown interest in him

The picture from the television in headmaster’s house filled his mind again; that boy “inside” the television couldn’t have been older than him. He spoke like headmaster, his English even smoother and the president had shook him; Ajayi wanted to be like that boy.

Headmaster had said he would need money; and he had promised to get the money; the look headmaster had given him; was that pity?

But he was tired; the picture filled his mind again, and he picked the digger. He would go on; he would finish this and the next one and the one after that.

He would save all the money he got, then he would go to the university and then he would do whatever that boy had done to receive the President’s handshake.

He continued digging; the digger felt hot; like his blood.

Get your dream, imagine it, let it inspire you to work, you might get frustrated, you will fail sometimes; life is not a fairy tale. I can however assure you that will always find the strength to get up.

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