Rhealyz Naija Ibadan teams shows some love with Kits for education


The Rhealyz Naija Ibadan team stormed Community Primary School Shasha by showing love in a unique way during the valentine season. It’s another way to define love for humanity and educational development. The team had passionate volunteers who were ready to share their skills with the pupils.


Event Highlights

  • Hand washing
  • Dental hygiene
  • Charts (drawings) were presented on each of the topics
  • Donation of exercise books, pens, pencils to 52 pupils in Primary 5 and 6
  • Five pupils received five school bags based on their needs
  • Three pupils were identified based on their talent exhibition (drawing skills), brilliance and active participation
  • All the chalkboards in Primary 1 – 6 were beautified
    • The board was painted with black emulsion
    • The perimeters of the board was painted with white emulsion
    • The pupils were made to stamp hand prints of different other colors on the white paints to make it beautiful.
    • This will help them have a sense of belonging and also to always attract their attentions to the chalkboard whenever they are in class.
    • Through this we can achieve an improved interest towards learning










Other highlights:

  • Learning about good career choices
  • Learning about gaming and importance of gaming
  • Involving the pupils in gaming activities that help in brain building










Rhealyz Green Network ‘Rhealyz Naija’ is determined to drive this course successfully

  • No more of sending public school pupils back home because of lack of writing materials
  • No more of poor performance of children because of lack of focus and motivation














We can do it right and Rhealize a better basic education for our precious kids.

A little encouragement will go a long way to preparing their minds towards greater future and achievements.

We need more of your support



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