Rhealyz Naija TEGA Ignites New Set of Entrepreneurs for 2018



The Enterprise Growth Academy (TEGA) is an initiative of Rhealyz Naija that was established in 2016 for the purpose of training young, entrepreneurs,  helping them to develop their business ideas, providing an avenue to network and connect with people of like minds and giving them the required support to facilitate their start-ups.

Rhealyz TEGA hosts a yearly two day workshop in December where young entrepreneurs and people with business ideas are trained and enlightened on how to tailor their skills and business ideas into standard enterprises. The first edition of Rhealyz TEGA held in December 2016 and as a result, a lot of young people are budding entrepreneurs today.

Rhealyz TEGA was born out of the need to educate and enlighten young entrepreneurs with creative business ideas on the best ways to start and run their businesses. The pioneers of Rhealyz TEGA believe that encouraging and training young people to start and run their own businesses would grow the economy and facilitate the development of the country as a whole. Each training session was also channelled towards building the social enterprise mindset of the participants










TEGA 2017 was held at CEI hall, Alagbaka Akure on the 28th and 29th of December. The training workshop had over 50 participants in attendance.






The first session on entrepreneurship and how to start a business was taken by Omon Ogudo, CEO BEE enterprise, and coordinator of NYSC entrepreneurship training in over seven states. In this session Mr Omon exposed the participants to key entrepreneurship principles that are not found in the books. This was followed by an intensive training on how to write a business plan

Rhealyz TEGA 2017 aimed to encourage team work and networking among the participants and this was achieved by grouping the participants into three groups, each group worked together on assignments and tasks like creating business ideas for specific markets and individuals and developing a business plan and proposal for the best business idea.

Each group was given the opportunity to present their business plan, the best presentation was selected and the group was rewarded with gifts.

On the second day of the workshop, there was an intensive training session by Mr Ireti Adesida, the team leader/program director of Rhealyz Naija, on the effective use of social media in entrepreneurship, the session was very interactive and enlightening as participants were taught the need for a strong social media presence and how to achieve it.

The second day also featured a live interview session with the CEO of Oyato bakeries and Chicken republic (Ondo and Ekiti state outlets), Mr Olayato. Mr Olayato who left his job as a banker for farming and other enterprises spoke extensively about his experience and the principles he had learnt over the years. He emphasised on the need to focus on value and building a formidable brand, and not on profit, to be successful as an entrepreneur. Several young entrepreneurs were also present to share their experiences and principles with the participants and also to answer questions and interact personally with the participants.






Participants at Rhealyz TEGA 2017 were given the opportunity to pitch their business ideas. The business pitch involved the participants giving a verbal presentation of their business ideas and plans. The best business idea was selected by a panel of judges and the winner was rewarded.






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