What’s Your Criteria?


I was with a friend of mine who was an Adele fan, and I jokingly and realistically told him that anyone suffering from a breakup or serious heart break shouldn’t listen to Adele.He readily agreed.

I’m not trying to demean or undermine Adele at all.
Actually, I love and admire her vocal skills.

But,from songs like”Set fire to the rain”, “Someone like you “,” Hello”…  they all tell of a person who can’t seem to let go.
These same songs portray Adele’s persona as someone who knows what relationship tiff’s means and comes across as someone who has been through a lot of heartbreak and knows a lot about it.
With that said,it brings us to the propeller of this write up:
Don’t dote on the fact that people know.

Don’t seek advice from people who only KNOW but from people who KNOW and have DONE,people who have APPLIED.

  A lot of people know things but have not applied it in their own lives.So,if you don’t want to be stuck in the same problem, seek those who have DONE!
*this is a secret.
If you want to come out of a heart break(musically)… Songs like Riri’s “Standing Ovation”,Beyonce’s ” Best I Ever Had”….are pretty cool….to mention a few.

@Precious Oluwadahunsi


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