The diary of a Biznessvirgin : Idea or Execution , which is more important in business?

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    Initially, I heard this question and gave an impulsive answer but then i took a step back to weigh the different sides and my opinion shifted.

    I used to guard my ideas jealously until i found out a thousand and one people across the world had those same ideas; Really, Ideas are a dime a dozen and in my own opinion until you bring them to life they are worthless . Infact, If i could convert all my “great” ideas to cash, i’d probably be a billionaire. …

    On the flip side, i am yet to discover that terrible idea that has been so well executed into a successful enterprise. This says a lot about how taking the right steps to bring ideas to life make all the difference.

    The story of Facebook recounts different versions of it others tried to create at inception; this shows that many others had that same idea when Mark Zuckerberg did, however he made the first REAL move and had the right team to execute.

    This translates to me quite clearly – A good idea needs a winning (execution) team just as a winning (execution) team needs a good idea to work on. Success in business requires a good idea and a winning team.

    I am eager to know what you think –  Ideas or execution, which is more important in business ?

    Yours Truly,

    F.O (The Entrepreneur)


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