Have you met Tony Clown?

    Meet tony clown..A clown, and the tutor that is behind the drawings done by these beautiful children...passionate about what he does, after graduating from university of Ilorin with a b.sc in business administration.


    Can we meet you sir.

    ANS; Tony Clown: My name is Ogedengbe Anthony,Aka Tonyclown

    RGNMEDIA: pleased to meet you Anthony. We would like to know what inspires your paintings.

    Tony Clown: Plus I am a child of God

    RGNMEDIA; And at what age, / time you started painting.

    Tony Clown: Drawing is one of those things I figured out I could do ever since I know myself apart from playing and eating.  So I will say I started drawing since the day I start writing letter  A upsidedown

    RGNMEDIA;  We would like to know the source of your inspiration.

    Tony Clown: What inspires me is the satisfaction I derive from seeing my finished work,whats the message you like to pass across through your paintings

    RGNMEDIA: We need tohear basically what inspires your painting and the message you like to pass accross through your painting.

    Tony Clown: Joy, peace, Satisfaction, God, He creates and make us creator too… So create

    RGNMEDIA: Do you sell your paintings?

     Tony Clown: Yes I do.

    RGNMEDIA: Wow! That should be a huge source of  income tell us a bit more about your clowning.

    Tony Clown: I found myself doing some certain thing. Early in life which includes eating, playing and drawing. Clowning is the play refined, So I started clowning officially when I was in Jss3 that will be 2002

    RGN MEDIA: So what would you say you have gained so far from clowning? or what’s  your success story when speaking about clowning.  

    Tony Clown: I have never done any TV advert yet this loving kids and their parents have been the one advertising me to the World.  So far i have been able to build a very good reputation. When I first started I make less than 10,000 in a month. But now to the glory of God i make between #90,000 to 200,000 and above per month. Plus because of the fact that I am a child of God. I get some supernatural back up from my Dad ( GOD)
    RGNMEDIA: So what is your advice to youths out there ?
    Tony Clown: So my advice to anyone blessed with a gift is that  If you invest time in yourself, you will never regret it. We all don’t have to work for others, the risk is worth taking. Honest money come slow BUT IT WILL COME. This quote moves me. Keep doing what you are doing and keep at it. At first it will look foolish then they will say its risky, finally they will now be like Wow. So you were this smart.  Finally i will say; I play with kids and tell them about Christ. This is my Job.



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