Female Genital Mutilation, its history and danger!!


    The World Health Organization(WHO) defined female genital mutilation as all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external genitalia or other injury to the female genital organ for non-medical reasons. Most times, instruments used are crude and unsterilized, thereby endangering the women’s health.


    Female genital mutilation is a cultural practice that has existed in Nigeria from time immemorial, a google search on this reveals that 27% of Nigerian women are victims of this practice, especially women between the ages of 0-30. According to a study carried out by Muteshi, Jacinta, Miller, Suellen; Belizán and José. (2016)Female Genital Mutilation in Nigeria, accounts for the most FGM cases world wide. Various types of FGM are being arried out, and they include the following.;

    • Clitoridectomy; This is the removal of the Clitorial hood and at least some part of the clitoris.
    • Sunna; Removing the full clitoris and part of the Labia Minora.
    • Infibulation; This involves removing the clitoris, the Labia Minora, the Labia Majora and then stitching the vaginal opening to leave a small hole for urination and menstruation.

    The instruments often used are razor blades, Knifes and broken bottles. Often times, the girls legs are being pinned down firmly by the women accompanying her e.g mother, grandmother, aunties. While a cloth is stuffed into her mouth to prevent her from screaming. After the “surgery” is performed, the kegs are bound together for some days to facilitate healing of the wound, or herbs and other traditional items are constantly being applied to ease the pain and cause the wound to heal faster.- Information gotten form about fgm 2011


    FGM has so many side effects that are capable of ruining the victims life for ever. Effects range from excessive bleeding, Severe pain, Genital tissue swelling, Infections, Urination problem, Menstrual problems..the list  is endless, however the ultimate danger is death!

    The question is; why will our women be subjected to this Kind of practice with so much pain and danger  just to prevent them from being “Promiscuous”(as this has been identified as the major reason behind FGM).

    It is time to stand up against this act… At RHEALYZ NAIJA, we BELIEVE, we can do it TOGETHER!


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