Photo of the day!! Celebrating Livestock (Cows).

    Photo Credit; TOBI ADELEKE

    Greetings everyone.

    At this moment, our photo of the day celebrates Livestock. (Cows). For Majority of us, what comes to mind when we see a cow is ‘beef’ and ‘milk’.

    Photo Credit; TOBI ADELEKE

    but there is more to get from cows. According to a report publised on cattle empire, Fats gotten from cows yield oleo stock and oleo oil for margarine while Oleo stearin is used in making chewing gum and certain candies. The Gelatin produced from the bones and skin is used in marshmallows, ice cream, canned meats, and gelatin desserts.

    The more interesting fact about this animal is the  by-products. We probably use something gotten from cows everyday! the beef hide is used to make leather, and it also supplies felt and other textiles. It provides a base for many ointments, Footballs, are also produced from cattle hide. Not to talk of Industrial oils and lubricants, soaps, lipsticks, face and hand creams. The bones, horns, and hooves can also be used to produce buttons, piano keys, glues, fertilizer, and gelatin for photographic film, paper, wallpaper, sandpaper, combs, and toothbrushes.

    Now it is clear why this animal (Cow) is so important… Thank God for Nature and Livestock, Thank God our Nation is blessed with such.



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