I read the biography of great leaders and they all emphasized on reading and learning, yet people have failed to read. While I was in school, Secondary and University, my teachers do emphasize on reading. They constantly rang to my hearing that “Readers are Leaders” but still I did not decode the message. I thought it was reading to top the class or reading to answer examination questions until later when I looked inward, thought deeply and realized it was reading to apply, not to answer examination questions or top the class.
We read to develop personally, we read to get abreast of information we cannot get anywhere. We read to be accustomed with current realities. We read to seek knowledge, so we can apply such knowledge in our chosen endeavours. We read to get at the top of the game. Only an ignorant person would say reading is not good. Personally, many things I do or know, I got from reading. Do you know reading helps in character building and personal branding. I got to understand this, when I read “you can win by Khiv Sheera”.
Reading books will open your eyes to many opportunities and its a great vehicle for education. One out of many reasons hindering development in this country, is because we have few readers, Nigerians hate to read. 
Ultimately, we read to get information, information which transforms into knowledge through application and knowledge which transit into wisdom. Readers are leaders and leaders are people of wisdom. Remember, you don’t become great to get started, you get started to become great. _What kind of reader are you? Start reading._
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Written by: Kayode Alabi

Inspirational Writer/Career Coach

IG: @iamkayfactor


WhatsApp: 08092299879


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