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    Institute for International Cooperation and Development (IICD)

    IICD role in Kenya #ICT4AgricDevelopment

    Target: Young Farmers in Kenya

    Problem Statement/Existing Vacuum: Young Farmers Struggle to make ends meet

    Strategy: Using ICT to make sustainable agriculture attractive and easy to use

    Areas of Intervention

    1) Access to Market Information

    2) Production Techniques

    3) New Technologies

    4) Finanancing Opportunties

    ……It’s all about ICT-Enabled journey into profitable farming

    Sustainability Measures:

    1) Setting up ICT Centres

    2) Teaching the farmers basic ICT skills

    3) Unhindered access to ICT training facilities for all farmers

    Output on young farmers:

    1) Increase in Knowledge

    2) Increase in Income

    3) Asset acquisition

    4) Motivation to do more

    5) Increase in employment opportunities

    6) Wider Recognition

    7) Increase market network

    8) Positive change in attitude towards agriculture

    The video below

    My Take:

    The way forward in making agriculture attractive and sustainable to young people is to deploy all the necessary ICT tools into agricultural production. This will be achievable when the intervention understands what the target audience already knows and are used to followed by the introduction of the needed ICT education strategies.

    My Quote of the day:

    The New Agriculture is not a “way of life” followed by men in bib overalls — it is a highly integrated profession practiced by professionals who apply modern business techniques, scientific knowledge and mechanical innovations to their operations. …….EARL COKE, The New Agriculture

    Ireti Emmanuel Adesida

    Agricultural Communication Technology Specialist

    I champion #Activ8Agric #ICT4AgricDevelopment


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