The team arrived the venue at about 11 am on the 18th of July, 2017. The journey from Alagbaka to the venue lasted about an hour and some minutes. The school is situated in an interior town, where there is no access to basic social amenities of which good road is the most important. The children have to trek several miles before they can get to school, or even get to a bit of civilization. From what we gathered the major occupation of residents is farming.

    Our Assessment

    The team went into the each of the classes to address the pupils, assisted by the headmistress. After which Assessment of the school and its environs began. These were the following conclusions.

    1. The roof of the building needed repairs.
    2. The pupils lack basic educational materials e.g School Sandals, socks, Text books and exercise books, Writing Materials.
    3. The school has just three (3) permanent teachers. (The headmistress, her assistant, one male teacher who left his family in Akure to assist the school) and five non-permanent teachers (Made up of young adults who just finished writing JAMB, awaiting admission, or who do not have money to complete their tertiary education). Bringing the total number of teachers to 8.
    4. The total number of pupils in the school as at third term was 238, which fell from 250 in first term.
    5. The children do not have conducive toilet
    6. The children need care… Garri and water is their lunch food, as seen in the small black nylon some of them were holding when they rang bell for break.
    7. The Passion of the pupils to learn and the willingness of the teachers to teach was evident.
    8. The school has a well-structured P.T.A team which was well testified of by the headmistress.
    9. The teachers in the school need to be encouraged and appreciated for their hardwork and willingness to work in the interior.

    After the assessment was done, The pupils were addressed by Mummy Adesida who had a nice time with them.

    School bags were given to ten pupils, having selected two pupils to represent each class, from primary one to five of which the criteria for selection was the class captain and the best behaved pupil in each of these classes.

    The Bags were presented by the project Manager. (Kelechi Ndukwe). After which pictures were taken and one of the Pupils presented a heartwarming “Thank you” speech.


    Mummy Adesida

    Kelechi Ndukwe – Project Manager (RGN)

    Oluebube Obitchere – Project Officer (RGN)

    Bankole Adeduwon- Head of Logistics (RGN)

    Mr Damilola _- Former TOS (NCCF).


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