Family farming and home garden culture #sustainable #agriculture #Eurolessons


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    Family farming and home garden culture #sustainable #agriculture
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    One of the secrets of transforming the Agricultural sector in Africa is restoring the place of cooperative farming which could be easily achieved by the family farming culture.

    Inculcating the home gardening culture is key in making agriculture attractive to the younger ones and encourages sustainable fresh food production that can sustain the family.

    What are your thoughts on the feasibility of this in Africa owning to the bonding challenges we have as a family?

    Is space or time a challenge for home gardening?

    According to FAO…. Family farming is a means of organizing agricultural, forestry, fisheries, pastoral and aquaculture production which is managed and operated by a family and predominantly reliant on family labour, including both women’s and men’s.

    Rustik Magazine emphasized on the importance of family farming in providing an important means of feeding people and maintaining food security for their communities. From an economic perspective, surplus food produced on the farm can be sold to generate income to improve farmers’ The financial challenges of the farm can have a dramatic affect on family life. …

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