The Passion Myths by Teemaree

    Teemaree; Spiritual life coach, minister and author.



    Hello there, Teemaree here with another inspirational tip to help you overcome life’s challenges and live your best life now. When it comes to passion, we receive a lot of messages. I have heard people say that having passion means:

    Work won’t feel like work.

    You will always have energy and be excited.

    Success will be guaranteed.

    I’m here to break these myths. While yes, having passion does make things more fun, does increase energy, and does make it easier to be successful, passion does not ensure these things. So, if you have felt passion toward your goal or desire and find yourself still feeling tired, frustrated, and working very hard, you are not alone!!


    The biggest mistake we can make is to believe these passion myths and then question our advancements because they do not feel the way we heard they should. Do not make this mistake. The truth is, passion doesn’t mean you are always happy and energetic, it actually means that you love and want something so much, you are willing to be uncomfortable to receive it. Tell me, what is your passion?

    Whatever it is, you have it because there is something about you that is meant to set that passion free. YOU have great gifts to share! Stay focused on your passion during the good and the hard days. The joy and gifts you will receive along the way will be immeasurable.

    I have had the great joy of living my passion and helping many others do the same. Not a single person has regretted it. Were days rough some times, were things confusing? Yes. Don’t you believe the passion myths and give up. Stay focused on your success and get help if you need it. I am a spiritual life coach and would love to speak with you. There are also things on my site that can serve you. For more please visit No matter what, don’t fall prey to the passion myths. That burning desire and goal you have is yours for a reason. Stay focused on realizing your passion ok?


    Until next time!


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