In what residents of Oda Village, Akure described as a remarkable intervention, a Non-Governmental Organization, Rhealyz Green Network on Thursday, 16th November,2017 donated learning aids materials to St Williams primary School, Oda in Ondo state as part of its Kit a Child project outreach.

 The Pupils, villagers and teachers described the NGOs project at the school as a life changing experience, with, a spectacular difference”, especially in a rural community where it seems as if all hope is lost, from the unmotivated teachers, to the dilapidated buildings and poor learning environment coupled with poverty and inability of the parents of the pupils to meet up with already subsidised fees for their children learning.

 According to the leader of the team, Ireti Adesida, one would ask…what is the future of these kids? What hope is left?

Rhealyz Green Network (Rhealyz Naija) a Non-governmental organization through its Kit a Child project is committed to supporting Child education with the belief that every child has a right to quality and sustainability education in every sense of it. On the 16th of November, 2017 at about 11am, the team arrived the school with books, bags, writing materials and paints to make a history and re-write the story of the school positively.



According to the team, every item had a purpose and one could see the dedication and passion of the team consisting of volunteers from different parts of the state. Book reading, donation of books as well as creative painting was conducted for over 60 children in primary 4 and primary 5. This was done to improve their literacy skills and enhance their reading capability.

“To encourage creativity and vocational skills, fine art and music was taught to pry 1,2 and 3 pupils with donation of books and creative painting as a follow-up exercise. It was an awesome experience, to discover that the kids could do new things, they had never done before.

 “The pupils in primary 6 were taught hygiene education where they were practically taught how to wash their hands and teeth as its necessary bearing in mind the situation of their environment. Along the line it was discovered that the kids had some issues with some aspects of the multiplication table, so mathematics class was introduced to them on the spot. And before the end of the project, they became familiar with the multiplication table from the 7th number, to the 9th Number.

 “The kids in kindergarten class were not left out as it was discovered that some of the children had started learning how to write while others could not. There was a wide gap between the learning paces of the kids which was caused by unavailability of learning materials. It was found from investigation that only a few of them had school bags and at least one learning material, while the rest could not afford to come with any bag or writing material. Added to this, only a few of them could come to school with lunch, while the rest had to make do with whatever they had usually Garri which they chewed for launch. Infact, majority of them came to school from the farm every morning even though theyre still little kids of 4years old on the average.

 As expected, the kids who could come with writing materials and lunch were majorly the ones who were making progress while learning how to write. Rhealyz Naija supplied the kids with writing materials consisting of books and pencils while they were taught rhymes, played games, and generally had fun as the organization believes that learning should be fun.


With a wonderful scene of the parent that besiege the school to encourage the group, it was a wide applause when it was time to paint the classrooms, seeing every member of the team getting involved as well as the children, even from darkening of the black board, to painting the walls.

 At the end of the Kit a Child project, every child went home with exercise books and other learning materials and were so excited, they refused to go home, they had to be begged to go home. The Rhealyz Naija Kit a Child team will pay a follow up visit to donate school bags to indigent pupils when their list has been sorted out.

 The headmistress Mrs Atere was full of thanks and had this to say to Rhealyz Green Network (Rhealyz Naija) This is a job well done, in fact you have done a lot, thank you for bringing progress to the school.

 The founder/ Team leader of Rhealyz Green Network Mr Ireti Adesida, was very pleased with the success of the project and revealed that it was his dream that Rhealyz keeps reaching out to indigent kids and impacting lives positively. He further called on everyone to join hands with Rhealyz Green Network, Support the Vision as we achieve more together.

The Project Manager (Kit a Child Project) Kelechi Gloria Ndukwe, said, all I’ve always wanted to do all my life is to make positive impact, and today seeing the smiles on the faces of these children, seeing them learn things they didn’t know before, and do things they couldn’t do before, is a fulfillment of my dream.

The volunteers were equally grateful for the experience. One of them identified as Kehinde Ojo revealed that she never thought, I could work with kids in public schools not to talk of children in Kindergarten class in a public school. She expressed her Joy and feeling of fulfillment as indeed nothing is impossible. Rhealyz Green Network (Rhealyz Naija) Kit a Child Project made this possible. It was a successful one, it was all about positive impact, breaking the impossible grounds and making history. Congratulations to the team, for a job well done.”

 Rhealyz Green Network (Rhealyz Naija) is present in; Ondo state, Lagos, Ibadan and Abuja.While its head office is situated at Suite 31 Anglican Office complex, Alagbaka, Akure Ondo state.

 contact letsrealize@gmail.com, or call 09023679787


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