What works?


    It is very easy to get sucked into a whirlpool of frustration in a system where things are not working. And which other place better describes a system where things are not working than our country Nigeria?


    No doubt Nigeria is a great country, but her greatness is all potential and only a negligible percentage of it is actualized. Like gold in its raw, unrefined state, Nigeria is a rich but ugly looking country because no time has been invested into her refinement and development. Almost six decades after independence, Nigeria is still a backward country where well over 33% of the citizens live below the poverty line when we have enough money for humans and animals to steal.

    So the question is; how do you stay motivated, inspired and happy in a country that seems to be bent on draining the very life out of you with frustration? How do you keep yourself from being pulled into a quicksand of despair in a country where nothing is working?


    The answer is not simple, but it is not far-fetched; although the big things that are beyond our control are not working, there are a lot of other little things that can work. Instead of spending all the time complaining about the things that are obviously beyond our control, we can choose to focus on the things in our immediate environment and make them work. Many times, it’s the little things and not the big things that make a difference.

    Make a difference in your world today, create a system that works or better still, find a system that works and join the train. There are many non-governmental youth organizations that are making a difference and solving problems in our world, find one in your immediate environment today and be a volunteer.


    Don’t sit on your heels and be a part of the masses that complain, step up and make a difference in your world.  Even though Nigeria as a whole is a failing system, there are many sub units and groups within her that are producing results, find one and join the winning team, you don’t have to be one of the masses, a lot of things still work, be a part today

    Omolewa Adedipe


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