GDPR May 25 email rush


    Every minute , email notification , message opened = GDPR compliance

    *My two sides of the coin advice*

    1) If you are resident within the European Union and you don’t want to miss some informative newsletters ….. go check your email now to avoid been unsubscribed

    2) If your online platform is collecting data from EU residence, either you are based within the EU or not …… make sure you are GDPR compliant…. it’s better to play safe because I know some people feel it won’t last …hmmm

    Fine: up to €20 million or 4% of annual turnover will be a significant amount for any company to have to pay.

    What you need to know about GDPR

    If you’re collecting personal data from an EU resident, you must obtain explicit consent, which generally means that consent should be:

    *Voluntary*. Have the user take affirmative action.

    *Specific and informed.* Make sure people are aware of what you’re collecting, how it’s being used, and whom it may be shared with.

    *Unambiguous.* Don’t disguise with redirects to terms of service overflowing with legal jargon.

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