Wallace receives historic society scholarship

    Wilton High School senior Michael Wallace is this year's recipient of the Wilton Historical Society's Walter R.T. Smith Memorial Scholarship. — Contributed photo
    Wilton High School senior Michael Wallace is this year’s recipient of the Wilton Historical Society’s Walter R.T. Smith Memorial Scholarship.– Contributed picture Finishing Wilton High School senior Michael Wallace was granted the Wilton

    Historical Society’s Walter R.T. Smith Memorial Scholarship throughout the Wilton High School Awards Event on May 31.”His love of history, energy, excellent humor and tireless volunteer service are the very same qualities that Walter gave the society,” stated Kim Mellin, co-director of the historic society.The scholarship is called after Walter R. T. Smith, who passed away at the age of 93 in 2015. Smith was a two-term president and emeritus trustee of the society, along with a tool collector, master contractor, constructing historian and preservationist.In 2015, Michael began offering for the historical society in the Wilton Library

    History Room, where he worked mainly with archivist and town historian Carol Russell and learned ways to use suitable conservation methods to organize historical files. He moved on to more complex projects the list below year, when he started< a href =https://archive.wiltonbulletin.com/81182/library-volunteer-immerses-himself-in-town-history/ , which he continued through his senior year.

    “I wished to give Michael an opportunity to really utilize the history room archives and suggested that he may like to do some research study and writing,” Russell said. “With recommendations from me, he selected his own subjects. The outcomes of his work were absolutely nothing less than fantastic.”

    Copies of Michael’s papers were placed in the history room files, distributed to members of the Historical Society Collection Committee, and a last piece he composed on cottage markets in Wilton was .

    Michael plans to attend Harvard College in the fall.The post Wallace gets historical society scholarship appeared first on Wilton Publication.


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