Solomon Mahlangu Scholarship for South Africans 2018-2019


    South African scholars are currently been welcomed to request the Solomon Mahlangu Scholarship for South Africans 2018-2019. This scholarship is readily available to South African students who are in pursuit of Diploma or degree studies at public Universities and Universities of Innovation

    About Solomon Mahlangu:

    Mahlangu was born in Pretoria on 10 July 1956, the second son of Martha Mahlangu. His father left in 1962 and as a result he was raised by his mother, a domestic worker. He attended Mamelodi High School up to Basic 8 (his tenth year of school), however his education was disrupted in 1976 by the riots of the Soweto uprising that led to school closures.In 1976 Mahlangu fled to Mozambique and invested 6 month in a refugee camp near Xai Xai. From there he was required to an African National Congress (ANC) training school called “Engineering”, in Angola. There and at Funda Camp he received training in sabotage, military fight, hunting and politics. He, George ‘Lucky’ Mahlangu and Mondy Motloung were then required to Swaziland, where they were offered large suitcases filled with handouts, rifles and hand grenades. On 11 June 1977 they crossed the border into South Africa and began making their way to Johannesburg.Solomon Mahlangu is celebrated in the Solomon Mahlangu Freedom Square in his hometown of Mamelodi, Pretoria. The square is concentrated on a bronze statue of Mahlangu.In the city of Durban, there was a major arterial roadway called’Edwin Swales VC

    Drive’, after a RAF bomber commander who passed away in 1945. Following proposals made by the eThekwini Municipality, the road was altered to honour Mahlangu.In 2016, the primary administrative structure at the University of the Witwatersrand, previously

    understood as Senate House, was renamed Solomon Mahlangu House.A film was produced in 2017 titled Kalushi( film)which chronicles the life and times of Solomon Mahlangu.In Tanzania, one of

    the top Universities, Sokoine University of Farming,(SUA )positioned at the East region of Morogoro, the main campus for the university is referred to as Solomon Mahlangu Campus During the costs must fall protests, the tune’Solomon ‘was an essential tune recited by trainee activists on schools throughout the nation. This is a recommendation to Mahlangu, his legacy and what he suggests to the youth of today.In Mdantsane East London in the Eastern Cape there is a high school called after him as Solomon Mahlangu Senior Secondary School.WHAT YOU NEED TO LEARN ABOUT SOLOMON MAHLANGU SCHOLARSHIP: BACKGROUND OF THE SCHOLARSHIP: In its mission to

    deal with the difficulty of youth unemployment, access to education and shortage of scarce skills, the scholarship have been gettinged to youth under 35 years ofage to provide a chance to study at public universities

    or university of innovations throughout South Africa.Solomon Mahlangu Scholarship Fund( SMSF )was established to obtain funds and financial backing to youth to allow them to pursue quality education in an institution of greater learning with youth in backwoods as primary target.The scholarship fund is created to develop an environment for paying for youth with excellent academic background, an opportunity to advance their research studies. Monetary assistance will be provided to youth who pursue full-time degrees that fall within the top priority development sectors, critical and limited skills areas described in the labor planning structures of the country.This scholarship and the offered funds will be accessible to deserving South African youth who fulfill the minimum entry requirements set by the scholarship board, who have been confessed for study at public Universities and Universities of Technology. GOALS OF SOLOMON MAHLANGU SCHOLARSHIP:– To supply financial backing to youth in the kind of scholarships to increase their opportunities of accessing quality

    college in their discipline.– To increase possibilities of employability or entrepreneurship based on the positive correlation between level of education and employability.– Empower the youth(under 35 years )with education to enable them to complete positively in the labourmarket.– Contribute to the development of critical and scarce abilities LEVEL OF STUDY:This scholarship is for diploma and undergrad research studies FIELD OF STUDY : Any field available at the general public Universities in south africa HOST CITIZENSHIP: Scholaeship is taken in South< a href = target=_ blank rel=noopener > Africa ELIGIBLE CITIZENSHIP: The scholarship open to

    South africans to study in South African public Universities SCHOLARSHIP BENEFITS: The following costs are covered

    bythe Solomon Mahlangu Scholarship: Tuition Lodging(thresholds use )Meals Study Books/equipment(thresholds apply)SOLOMON MAHLANGU SCHOLARSHIP ELIGIBILITY/REQUIREMENT: Trainees need to be using for admission to

    one of the general public universities

    as a First year full-time trainee in a

    priority study(see listed below)

    . High school learners who prepare to attend one of the public universities

    or universities of innovation after completing the National Senior citizen Certificate Need to fulfill University Admission Points Score(APS)and accomplish approximately 70%in the NSC tests Need To be South African residents under 35 Financial neediness– combined family income
  • of less than R15 000 a month Live in rural/semi-rural areas/townships
  • Concern of Research study Full-time degrees that fall within the concern growth


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