Students from Bangladesh are been invited to hurry and send their applications for the Main School Certificate (PSC) Scholarship for the Year 2018. Only eligible scholars will be considered for this program, Hurry and apply right now.ABOUT PSC SCHOLARSHIP The Primary School Certificate

    , likewise called PSC, is apublic examination taken by trainees in Bangladesh after effective completion of eight years of education. It is followed by Secondary School Certificate(SSC). Numerous trainees are doing better in this test. Before this was only an occupation examination and not should be

    provided test. Given that 2011 PSC is being taken in full Innovative (in your area Srijonshil)questions. It is stated that JSC was also introduced so that thepoor and destitute people of rural part of the nation can do well in the exam; examinees are permitted to retake the examinations with other routine examinees the following year if they fail.PSC GRADING SYSTEM: Marks Range Grade Point Grade 80-100 5 A +70 -79 4 A 60-69 3.5 A-50-59 3 B 40-49 2 C 33-39 1 D 0-32 0 F For instance: Expect,

    if you got marks between 70 to 79 then your grade point will be 4 and your grade will be A. Inin this manner, let us take an example that will demonstrate how to calculate the grade point and grade of all the topics and the general grade too.Subject Marks Grade Point Grade Bangla 82 5 A+E nglish 71 4 A Mathematics 65 3.5 A-General

    Science 90 5 A+S ocial Science 75 4 A Islamic Studies 77 4 An Overall 460 4.25(GPA)A The above table reveals the treatment to determine the

    GPA of the PSC Assessments. In the above example, the general GPA is 4.25 and the Grade is
    A after determining the grade and grade points of all the subjects of the exam. This is simply an example offered for the recommendation of the students. This is how the PSC grading system works to provide the PSC Result in the students.WHAT YOU HAD TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT PSC SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION: The Psc scholarship program is a yearly occasion offered for Bangladeshi trainees, P SC assessment Began rather a long time ago

    under 8 education boards. In

    the past, the pass rate of PSC was of high portion and Its increasing day by day, Though a great number of trainee generally get an A+however some of trainees will not get their desire result. Student will desire ignore their PSC. Trainees will get the change to ignore

    their test paper by online application.Who will get the scholarship?It is the standard question that always has our mind after releasing the outcome from the

    previous year.however the PSC exams subject carries 100 marks in the public exams held by DPE. So, the overall marks of PSC exam are 600 and the

    PSC result 2017 will be determined based on this overall. Those who got the highest marks or CGPA will beawarded the PSC scholarship.The

    scholarship is offered to the meritorious students or those are financially unsteady. The motto of this program is to protect the future of the meritorious trainees who are impoverished or looking for a way to develop their future. DPE has executed this Scholarship program effectively and maintained every year by supplying a scholarship to the students.How lots of trainees will be awarded PSC scholarship?Compared to the previous year, the number of students getting PSC scholarship has actually increased to 82,500 from 55,000. Among them, 33,000 Trainees will get Skill Pool Scholarship with a quantity of 300 TAKA instead of 200 TK in the previous years. Around 49,500 Trainees will get General Scholarship with an amount of 225 TAKA rather of 150 TK.There is a misconception that the trainees getting a CGPA 3.00 or above will be counted under Talent pool Scholarship and those who get a CGPA 2.00 to below 3.00 will be counted under General Scholarship. This scholarship is offered by the government for next three years(Class 6 to Class 8)to the qualified

    students.The majority of the trainees are waiting on PSC Scholarship Result 2018. TYPE/LEVEL OF SCHOLARSHIP: The PSC Scholarship Outcome will be offered in 2 classifications. They are -Talent Pool Scholarship General Scholarship In the previous year, more than 30 lakh students sit for the PSC exams which were genuinely handled by the worried authority DPE in the entire country.HOST CITIZENSHIP: This scholarship is to be taken in Bangladesh QUALIFIED NATIONALITY: This scholarship is for Bangladesh trainees SCHOLARSHIP ADVANTAGES:33,000 Students will get Skill Pool Scholarship with an amount of 300 TAKA instead of 200 TK in the previous years. Around 49,500 Students will get General Scholarship with an amount of 225 TAKA instead of 150 TK.SCHOLARSHIP REQUIREMENTS/ ELIGIBILITY: here are overall 6 subjects in the PSC examinations. Each subject carries 100 marks in the public examinations held by DPE. The overall marks of PSC exam are 600 and the PSC result

    2018 will be computed based on this overall. Those who got the highest marks or CGPA will be granted the PSC scholarship. The management authority Director of Main Education will decide it. The scholarship is provided to the meritorious trainees or those are financially unstable. The motto of this program is to protect the future of the meritorious trainees who are underprivileged or looking for a way to develop up their future. DPE has implemented this Scholarship program successfully and kept every year by providing a scholarship to the students.HOW TO OBTAIN PSC SCHOLARSHIP BANGLADESH: It is really simple to a get PSC Scholarship Bangladesh. You get the outcome by following simply 2 easy ways. These ways are SMS approach and the online approach. Students can get the result by utilizing any operators SIM and by using the online method if he has an online connection. These techniques are discussed listed below just for you.How to obtain the

    result by utilizing SMS technique: It is an extremely easy method of getting an outcome. Almost the majority of the individuals of Bangladesh have a smart phone.

    They get the result

    using their message option of the smart phone. He can

    get an arise from any mobile phone operator SIM. The procedure of getting the outcome by SMS technique is

    given below.At first, go to message alternative of your

    mobile phone.Type PSC and offer a space.Then compose initially 3 letter of your education board.After doing this provide another area and type roll number.Then provide an area and type year as 2018. At last, send this message to 16222. PSC education board nameroll number< space > year and send it to 16222. : PSC DHA 12345 2018 send it to 16222. Ways to get the outcome by utilizing the online method: It is also an easy approach of getting an outcome. You can get the outcome using the online method if you have an internet connection. The procedure of getting the result by the online method is given below.Select result name as PSC Select year as 2018. board name.Then type your roll and registration number.At last, fix security mathematics and click submit button. You get the outcome by following this technique properly.APPLICATION DEADLINE: Though this years PSC scholarship is said to commence around november, but there has been np due date put on the program so far, we encourage that you keep checking this website for the current info on this program.we also recommend that you see the following articles< a href= target=_ blank rel=noopener > UNICAF Scholarships for Undergrad and Postgraduate

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