Study and Work in Canada-University of Toronto International Scholarship,2018


    Scholarships recognize academic excellence and may also take into account community participation,
    leadership, creativity and other qualities.

    In addition to the University of Toronto scholarships, you should also consider the numerous awards
    offered through various companies and external agencies. If you have questions about these awards, you
    should direct them to the awarding organization. These awards are updated frequently, so you should
    check periodically to get updated information.

    Ongoing scholarships are available for students currently registered at the University of Toronto.
    Additional information about Scholarships in progress can be obtained through the Registration Office of
    a Division (Campus, Faculty, University)

    Admission scholarships
    Discover more than 3,600 undergraduate admissions scholarships that the University of Toronto, along with its faculties, campuses and universities, awards each year.

    Eligible high school students are automatically considered for a variety of admission scholarships when
    applying for college. Prizes and cutoff points vary by campus, faculty, and university.

    There are also admission scholarships that require a separate application and others that require you to
    complete an award profile.

    Government of Ireland International Scholarships 2018 for Bachelors, Masters and PhD (4 Years VISA)

    Admission Requirements

    Select your academic background from the options below and review the admission requirements for
    your intended course using the Program Finder program. If you are interested in applying for Medical
    Radiology, Nursing or Assistant Physician programs, visit specialized programs and graduate programs to
    find your admission requirements. In addition to meeting university entrance requirements, you may
    need to provide specific basic requirements, or provide a profile or interest statement.


    The application form you complete for admission to the University of Toronto depends on your current
    situation, whether you are a current high school student in Ontario, an applicant from another province or
    Canadian territory, an international applicant or in another circumstance . See the categories below to
    determine which application to send.

    NOTE- You are authorized to send only one type of application. If you send more than one application, the University of Toronto will cancel the second without refund. For example, if you send a request 105, then
    send an international request, the international application will be canceled without a refund


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