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    N-Power in understanding terms means a youth empowerment scheme established by the Federal Government of Nigeria. N-Power is a scheme brought up to tackle unemployed youths in Nigeria by providing skills acquisition programmes and development programmes. Youths between the age of 18-35 can participatein the N-Power scheme. How to join the N-Power scheme can be found in the latter part of this post.

    Npower programs is divided into 2 categories which are the Graduates categories and the Undergraduates category. The undergraduates categories cover the unemployed youths.

    The N-Power unemployed category is made to train and empower non-graduates with skills that they can use for the good of themselves and the economy in general. Training for  successful candidates would mean they would gain employment.

    N-power knowledge : The federal government created this programme to widen the economy. The programme will work together with acceleration and technology. The platform has made it possible for participants to get engaged in the marketplace as employees.

    N-power Build: N-power build is a skill job programme that will train about 75,000 unemployed youths in Nigeria to grow a reliable workforce or techincal experts and professionals.

    N-Power registeration requirements

    Before you join the N-Power programme scheme as an unemployed Nigerian youth, you must be able to meet the minimal requirements stated below. They include:

    1. Be within the age of 18-35
    2. Being an unemployed youth
    3. Must have problem solving skills
    4. Should be analytical
    5. Tutor oneself
    6. Illustration skills for graphic arts and animation

    To join N-Power programme, you will be required to give the following set of data on the N-Power portal. They include: Your BVN, CV, NYSC certificate, Phone Number, Passport photographs, ND and NCE certificates and your current email address. You can join on register on

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