5 Reasons a Nigerian Youth May Not Win in 2019 Elections


    Ever Believed a Youth could win 2019 Elections? Here are 5 Reasons a Nigerian Youth may not win in the 2019 forth coming elections.

    The year 2018 so far could be classified as one of the best ever for Nigerian Youths having propagated Social Media in the best way to achieve some of the almost not-achievable things in the history of Our dear country Nigeria.

    A Nigerian Youth

    5 Reasons a Nigerian Youth May Not Win in 2019 Elections

    5 Reasons a Nigerian Youth May Not Win in 2019 Elections

    Social media for Nigerian youths has in years been a platform for expression of opinions and grievances to the government in a bid to seek proper justification. This has driven the government into signing various bills and even amending existing laws to suit the average Nigerian Youth.

    Mentioned above are only few of the notable achievement of the Nigerian Youths via Social media among-st many others. Nigerian Youths are known for dominance on social media especially on Twitter.

    The big Question is; Can the Nigerian Youth Community dominate the Political Sector like they have done with Social Media? Having gained the platform to run for notable offices through social media campaigns, can the nation Nigeria be sure of any Youth over-taking any notable political position in the 2019 forth coming elections;

    Despite verified effectiveness via Social Media we still look into Five ( 5 ) factors which may hinder the emergence of a Nigerian Youth in any of the coming 2019 elections. First we take a look at the statement which was made few months ago by the President of the Federal republic himself saying “Nigerian Youths are Lazy”.

    Nigerian Youths are Lazy

    Yes! Nigerian Youths are Lazy – When this statement was made by President Buhari, the youths could not take it and asked the president to take it back, yes He did take it back when He proclaimed the Youths are “Not Too Young To Run”.

    FACT: We refer the “Lazy” word to every Youth in the nation Nigeria either working, not working, jobless, or whatever tag is ascribed.

    This brings Us down to the Issue of PVC collection which enables an holder the eligibility to vote in the forth coming 2019 elections. How many so called Youths have their PVC(s)?

    • Millions of Youths still neglect the collection of their PVC(s)
    • Many have done their registrations but are determined never to vote but only to use their PVC (s) probably in cases where and ID is required or maybe when they need to make some bank verification.
    • Millions have vowed never to collect theirs’.

    How then do we make a change in the Political sector of the Nation in which we complain of failed and corrupt leaders? How? We move down the issue of Corruption;


    The issue of corruption is one BIG household in the Nation Nigeria as it has been noted one of the country’s biggest problems. Despite diverse strategies to tackle corruption, it still stands and grows daily within the nation.

    Opinion: at the moment, corruption is almost inevitable as the people creating Units to fight against corruption are the real propagators of the act – How then do we overcome corruption?

    “Our Leaders are Corrupt”

    Who are Our leaders? We tend to focus corruption on the so called old and un-retiring leaders of the nation Nigeria but fail to look at Young and corrupt Nigerians too.

    Ever taken a deep look at the level of corruption in Higher institutions? This is probably where most of Our now leaders emerged from. If we take a closer look at the process of elections in the tertiary institutions, We’ll know how inevitable corruption is and how the fight should start from the grass-root and not just the old and un-retiring leaders.

    1. SUG Elections – though designed to be fair and free for students to decide who leads them into another year of academic activities, is one of the most unfair and sometimes bloody election processes in the nation where students abduct fellow students, send warning and threat messages to their competitors in other to emerge winners. – What becomes of a leader who engage in such activities in order to rule?

    The leaders in Tertiary institutions are made of Nigerian Youths whose aims are to becoming notable political leaders in the actual government sector. Ever wondered what becomes of a SUG President who violently ( in do or die move ) gets a Win to the office?A Nigerian Youth

    The Political Circle

    The Nigerian Politics over the years has been a circular rotation of same people governing the nations in different era(s). We have seen men who led the nation during the Military Era come again to lead in this democratic Era.

    These men have created relationship among-st themselves decades past and have mastered the act of ruling the nation just in their circle. Can You name a Young Nigerian who is fit to stand these Men, drive the crowd despite notable failures and flaws? 

    Switching this circle is still one thing we don’t know how to phantom yet in the Nigerian Political sector. This leads Us to the Money Bag;

    The Money Bag

    “Its the 21st century where jobless ( poor ) youths are offered money to change their decisions and where the one with good jobs tend not to care about voting” – oxogena

    This brings Us down to “The Nomination Forms” – Participation in the Primaries selection process of political parties in Nigeria requires some N2million to N27million – How many Nigerian Youth can boast of such amount of money to run primaries and not be affected?

    An ideal Nigerian Youth would channel His / Her N2million into a Business to yield profit so as to get the good life they have always wished for but this applies not to a Nigerian senator who spends hundreds of millions on luxury cars.

    How then does a Nigerian Youth participate effectively in the forthcoming 2019 general elections? We want answers to this question [ —– ]


    The Nigerian political and government sector is made up of Powerful individuals who have acquired so much in past years. These individual define what happens and when it happens having supercharged their power houses so much that they decide who wins and who doesn’t – We call them the LORDS.

    These set of individuals have built their towers and therefore control the affairs of their regions even when not literally in Power. Actions are taken based on their references placing only their selected candidates in desired positions of the Government sector – How the does a Nigerian Youth get a stand at this point without falling back at CORRUPTION?

    “The Nigerian Political Stronghold” does not need to be shaken but completely removed and replaced. But the question is – Who is Capable?

    This article is only of Our opinion and Point of View as we all hold rights to Our own opinions. You got answers to Our questions? We’d love to hear – kindly state in the comment section below….

    “a better Nigeria is what We pray for, God Bless Nigeria”

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