International Master’s Scholarship offers are here for qualified students


Still on our report on the series of available international master’s scholarship and related opportunities, especially for the new year 2020, we bring to you this opportunity which provides funding up to the tune of £120,000. This sun includes and covers the following: salary, studentship stipend, fees and research expenses.

of Funding

This support is for a 30 months period of academic
activities. This is segmented into 12 months of taught Master’s course and 18
months research project.

Type of Researcher

This offer is not for just any course of study. It is specifically meant for students undergoing master’s programmes in the some medical fields including Basic, Clinical and Public health.

Who Can Apply for this International Master’s Scholarship?

This scheme is only open to nationals and citizens of low-
and middle-income countries. Indians, are however, not considered for this
offer. This opportunity is to empower qualified persons from the above
described nations of the world to receive training at Master’s degree level. Therefore,
you can only apply and expect to be considered if:

Also part of the eligibility criteria, you must:

Research Proposal

Your research proposal must align itself completely within Wellcome’s science remit and must focus on a health priority in a low- or middle-income country (especially your country of interest). When WELLCOME deliberates on applications for this scheme, it will look at and for the:

Who Cannot Apply

You cannot apply for this international master’s scholarship if you are:

Note that
this sponsordship is onfy for a master’s programme. Therefore, Wellcome would not
usually expect you to apply if you already have a Master’s degree.

What’s expected of your Host Organisation

You must be
based at an eligible
host organisation in a low-
or middle-income country for the research project. This makes it necessary for
your host organization to express their agreement, willingness and capacity to afford
you the space and resources that will be needed from the start date through to
the end date of your award at the point of submitting your application.

The Need for a Sponsor

You must prove
the existence and readiness of a sponsor, who should not be below the rank of a
Head of Department or equivalent (for example centre director or head of
school), in your host organisation. He or she must be able to sufficiently
guarantee that you will have a post for the duration of the fellowship. He or
she should be made to understand that his or her support and mentorship should
be part of a longer-term commitment to help you achieve your career aspirations.

You Need a Supervisor

In addition
to the sponsor, it is expected, as part of the eligibility conditions, that you
have secured a supervisor who will be responsible for the day-to-day
supervision of your research project. You should also have additional
supervisors, at leans one for every period that you spend outside your host
organisation, including your taught course. They must all understand and agree
to provide you with the needed space and resources. Therefore, you need to give
careful thought to your choice of supervisor(s). You can still nominate
your sponsor as a supervisor, if appropriate.

But in
making your choices, note that a supervisor should:

Application Deadline for this International Master’s Scholarship

application window closes on 14 April 2020 by 17:00 BST. Any submission after
now will be inconsequential.

The final decision and selection of winners will take place in June 2020. Start your application process here or visit the donor’s website for further information. You can also refer here for opportunities open to African and UK organisations involved in palliative care.

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