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    Get ready to glam up your game night with my 3 awesome game night hacks! Let me know what your favorite game is in the comments below!

    Directions for Guess Who:
    1. For two players, make two identical game boards, with the same characters in the same position on each board.
    2.Sit across from each other.
    3.Without telling each other, choose a character. Your opponent will try to guess which character you’ve chosen, and you will try to guess which character your opponent has chosen.
    4.Now, take turns asking “yes or no” questions about the characters.
    For example, if I ask, “Are they a troll?” and the answer is “No,” then I flip down all the trolls on my board, eliminating those characters from my next guess. If the answer is yes, then I flip down all the non-trolls. It’s best to start with broad questions, and get more and more specific by the end of the game.
    5. Once you think you know who your opponent’s character is, you can use your turn to guess who it is. In order to win, on your turn you must correctly guess who your opponent’s character is. If you guess incorrectly, you lose.

    Directions for Talk Jenga:
    1.Lay your Jenga blocks out on a table, and mix them around.
    2. Build a Jenga tower, randomly placing the question-blocks throughout. Each layer should be three blocks wide, and as you build one layer on top of another, switch the direction of the blocks.
    3. As you add any block with a question on it, make sure not to read that question, and make sure the question faces inward, so it can’t be read until it gets pulled during gameplay.
    4. You can play with as little as two players. There is no maximum, but if you play with too many people then everyone will only get a few turns.
    5. Choose someone to go first. This can be done with a coin toss, or “whose birthday is coming up next?”
    6. The player pulls a block from anywhere on the Jenga tower (except the top level). Only touch the tower with one hand at at time. After the player pulls a block, they must place it on the top of the tower, without letting the tower collapse.
    7. Pulling from higher up on the tower is safer. Pulling from lower on the tower is more risky, but also makes the next player’s turn even harder.
    8. If the player pulls a block with a question, they have to answer that question.
    9. If the tower collapses during a turn, the player loses. Keep playing until the tower collapses.

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    Special Thanks: Taryn Cruz

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