Understanding a child in our world today


A child is a complete being even though from childhood, a major part of the child is still finding expression. To a large extent, the adult a child will become can be deciphered from childhood. It’s just so sad that parents do not pay attention to these things about their children. It’s a period where the foundation is still being laid and if the foundation is not well laid, the building might end up collapsing: “if the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

Child training and education is a big deal, a work that should not be taken with levity either by parents or teachers.

We live in a society where we believe that everything about a child is based on his performance in school, not knowing that this is just a small fragment about a child. In getting a good understanding about a child, a lot of factors should be put into consideration. Children have different personalities and this is why parenting/ teaching is a big deal because it entails understanding each child and his or her uniqueness and looking for ways to make the child better. It is a huge responsibility that we have to be intentional about. Children are not supposed to be raised the same way even if they are siblings.……. To be continued next week

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  1. This is true. It is important for us to embrace each child’s uniqueness so that accurate and proper focus can be placed in other to maximize the child’s potentials.

    Good work.


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