Why is every child unique? Compare Not!!!


Every single child is unique, this also applies to children born on the same day no matter how identical they are they have varying qualities. Even though they share the same environment as they grow up,  different approaches must be used in training them. Comparing children with each other lowers their self-esteem. They should be allowed to freely express themselves. A lot of times, we shortchange and stampede the growth of our children because we keep expecting them to live based on our own preconceived dreams. Children have their own life to live, it is our duty as caregivers, parents, and teachers to nurture them to discover their unique dreams.

In understanding a child, a lot of attention must be paid to the following:

  • The way they eat.
  • Their sleeping habit or patterns.
  • The kind of songs they like to listen to.
  • The type of play they are interested in.
  • Their best subjects.
  • Their choice of friends.
  • How they act when happy, sad, angry, etc.

Children deserve and need all the love and attention they can get from their parents. because once that space is left open; it will be taken over by the wrong people, ideas and mindsets. Their inquisitiveness should be encouraged, their strengths should be harnessed and their weaknesses should be dealt with.

A school is a place where lives are molded, a place where children are helped to be independent, a place where they are helped to understand themselves i.e. their strengths and weaknesses and be able to place a demand on themselves.

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 I am a teacher/ child educator


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