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I have a shoe. I bought it sometimes, mid-2018. It’s the only corporate-casual shoe I have. I had an unavoidable assignment that warranted an appearance with that type of shoe, so I just had to buy it. It had a “Ferragamo” logo on it but we know what’s up. I’d rather call it ‘Ferraga’. The ‘mo’ is still at the factory. But the shoe is quite cool actually. I bought it while I was broke. LOL. I mean I bought it at a price too high for the financial ebb I was in at that moment. I was too broke to have bought a shoe at that price. I could afford it…or, maybe I couldn’t. But I have a code I operate with when purchasing stuff, especially wears with a seeming lasting usage in mind. I’d rather spend well and purchase something worthwhile of standard quality that I can use over the next one or two years, than purchase something of a lower standard because I’m trying to “cut cost”. Following the latter for a period of time, I’ll most likely end up spending way more (in accumulation) than the actual price of one standard product. I will have bought like 6 in less than 2 years because they will all get spoilt in no time. Hence, I’d rather buy the standard one that will last. And that, with my money. Not borrowed funds. I understand everybody doesn’t see it this way.

Anyway, I got the shoe and started rocking it. As a matter of truth, about 3 other unavoidable assignments came up again after the initial one and the shoe came in quite handy. But as with every other thing we purchase, my attraction to the shoe started dropping. I started seeing other shoes. I was cheating little by little. A little eye-catching shoe here and there. And the more I came in contact with other shoes, my rating for this one shoe I had started nosediving like the economists’ production possibility curve graph. It became worse when my cousin got this pair of Calvin Klein shoes. My goodness! Beautiful stuff. I would admire the shoes time and time again. We all love good things, don’t we? I never really got to share the shoe with my cousin except once. After that once, this my other shoe had started looking like trash to me. I just didn’t want to go back to it. So, recently I had a function I’d been preparing for since late last year and I’d been thinking to myself “what shoe am I gon’ wear?” It was a very special function, so to speak. Because of the kind of environment, it was going to be, I’d started thinking to myself that I do not want to appear just anyhow. I wanted to look “peng”. I started fantasizing in my head how my cousin’s CK was going look on me. “So dope!”, I thought.

I kept sleeping and waking on the thought that my cousin’s stuff is my best bet and it will make sense on me. All this while, my uncle “Ferraga” was lying there; untouched, unused and DUSTY. The weather worsened it’s appearance. The appearance even made me dislike it more. So, I held on tenaciously to the momentary satisfaction I was getting from rocking my cousin’s CK “in my head”. Meanwhile, I’d forgotten he most likely would not let me have it after the one time he was benevolent enough to let me use it. He would not because that was his own official shoe and my feet’s a li’l’ bigger than his. That meant one thing. His shoe must be ready for expansion if I get to use it. And it’s just a simple truth that if I get to use it this time around, I wouldn’t hesitate to want it again some other time. I’ll most likely keep going back and the more he gives me, the larger it will become. Nah, I’m not a ruffian. 😒 I don’t borrow your stuff and misuse it or get it spoilt. I try as much as possible to handle with care and as a way of appreciating the effort to lend me in the first place.

Yeah. So, as the day drew closer, there was this war in my head. More like a Mephistophelean-Angelic war. 🤦🏽‍♂ A voice was pretty loud. “Ask him for the shoe…tell him you need it…that’s the only choice you have right now…remember, you have to look Peng…you cannot afford to have mediocre swag.” The other voice was, you know; soft and tender. “You have yours…nothing is wrong with it…go clean it up.” The war kept going for about a week or two ahead of the D-day. It was a loop with the former voice exerting more energy than the latter. Believe me, this almost made me want to give up on the occasion I was to appear at all together. My energy was drained. I felt I would just turn it down and wait for another opportunity. But while returning home from the day’s business one evening, a thought just dropped heavily on me out of the blues. “You know your stuff ain’t bad, right? You’re just not exercising the right amount of attention on it.” Immediately I got home, I headed for my Ferraga. Sat with it and started cleaning it up. When I was done, it was really glittering. 🤯 It had no stones, tho’. 😏 I eventually rocked the shoe on the said day and my ‘swagometer’ didn’t read otherwise. I did fantabulously well. 😅

When I returned home later that day and pondered on the whole experience, it flashed life before me. In life, we all posses “good stuff”. Your ability to do something exceptionally than other persons, that’s your stuff. The sad news is, you’re not owning it. Life is not a competition really, but the truth is we’ve all got great stuff individually. God didn’t create anyone without great stuff. Even if it’s just one thing. That one thing is the distinguishing factor. But a lot of us treat that one stuff like my Ferraga. We don’t believe in it. We don’t see the good in it. We don’t work on it. We don’t run with it. We do absolutely nothing with it. It probably would have been manageable if we treated that stuff this way on its own but no! We do so in comparison to someone else’s stuff. Yes. We are guilty of the comparison game and that has left us unnecessarily hating our stuff. I once read a book some years back by Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo – “Be The Best”. One particular phrase that stood out to me from that book was this;

“If you focus on what is permitted, you will not fall for what is forbidden.”

That is the crux of this matter. Your stuff is what is permitted. Other people’s is forbidden. The reason you are wishing for and desiring what others have is because you are not focusing on what is permitted; what you already own. I am asking you today that what is your stuff? What is that thing you have been called to do that you have been running from all the while? What is that special ability you possess? You know your stuff ain’t bad, right? 🙂 You’re just not exercising the right amount of attention on it. In’it? 🤔 What you should do now is go clean up your stuff, begin to use it and watch it not just glitter, but attract Kings to you. I challenge you to embrace “your stuff” today and own it.

Thanks for reading.

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Praise Ojumu is an educator, Writer and Musician.

Loves singing, reading, writing and cooking.

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