Scholarship Allows Joveci To Continue Aviation Studies


An elated Joveci Verevou could not contain his joy when he received news from the Tailevu Provincial Council that it would sponsor his education.

This will allow him to continue his aviation studies.

Mr Verevou, 31, from Visa Village in Vugalei was among 88 students from Tailevu who received scholarships from the Tailevu Provincial Council yesterday.

After facing financial woes during the course of his education three years ago, he stopped studying and went back to his village to tend to the family farm.

“When I’m in the farm and I see an aeroplane fly past I always say to myself that I will fly that plane one day,” Mr Verevou said.

His mother, Losana Ramudra, 58, thanked the provincial council for assisting her eldest son continue with his studies.

Tailevu Education Committee chairman Akanisi Kedrayate said they received 99 applications, 88 of which received acceptance letters from tertiary institutions.

“Our emphasis is to target first those who do trade and that is why this year we are giving scholarships for certificate, diploma and degrees. Maybe in the next two years, we can look at post graduate,” Ms Kedrayate said.

“Some of them come back from schools after doing Forms Four, Five and Six. They are gifted, but because they can’t progress.

“We want to offer that opportunity at any of the technical colleges where they can go and learn a trade and get a certificate and if they want to progress into diploma than that is the pathway to go to Fiji National University and other institutions.

“At the moment when we could not meet after the measles scare, we collected about $160,000.

“Our target is $333,000 and we hope to collect the rest by March 27, when we have our next soli.”

For this year’s batch of scholarships, the council has spent about $70,000 on tuition.

Tailevu Provincial Council chairman ACP Rusiate Tudravu encouraged students to uplift the standard of education in Tailevu to sustain the employment sector.

While acknowledging the education committee, ACP Tudravu also advised students to focus on their education and not waste the funds allocated for them.

Edited by Percy Kean


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