Corona Virus Viral COVID-19 Funny T-shirt Ad “I told you I was sick” Grave stone viral sensation


Corona Virus COVID-19 Funny T-shirt “I told you I was sick” Grave stone depicts a couple of older, um, citizens, I don’t know, who are reminding you that CoVID-19, or the Corona Virus if you will, could actually kill older people and so, maybe, you should have called.

I mean, I don’t know. Your life is very busy and you’re very important but you could have called. Maybe.

This time. I mean, seriously.

You can’t pick up the phone? There’s FaceTime and Skype and even Facebook’s Schmegeggie Zuckerwonderkid, he put video chat in that thing and even has a thing for the old people to use without knowing how to use it. It’s great. It’s called like FacePlant, and it’s for old people who don’t want to work the VCR.

So anyway. Maybe you’ll like the shirt, I don’t know, maybe you have a sense of humor, you don’t, whatever, I hope you like it.

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