TIMELINE: Dems Didn’t Care About COVID-19 Until Now; They Pushed IMPEACHMENT During Initial Outbreak


In fighting President Trump at every chance they can get, some Democrats have made it very clear that even a pandemic isn’t immune to their disgusting partisan tactics. 

Whether it be accusing President Trump of being a racist for his travel bans, or calling him “imcompetent” for his response to the virus, Democrats are doing everything they can do to project the blame on to anyone but themselves for their mishandling of the issue.

A look at the chronological order of events proves without a doubt that Democrats didn’t give a damn about the Coronavirus until they knew they could use it against President Trump.

Check out what were provided by Breitbart below:

It took a mind-numbing twenty days after the first death from the virus had been reported for the Democrats to even address the issue in Congress because of their sham impeachment articles. For even more reference, President Trump had introduced travel restrictions to China all the way back on January 31st.

Most of President Trump’s efforts to fight the virus have resulted like the others, with endless attacks. After the quick and decisive decision to issue travel restrictions on China, Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden predictably criticized Trump for his efforts.

“This is not time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia – hysterical xenophobia and fear mongering,” he said.

Not only have Democrats shown complete disdain towards taking responsibility for maintaining the virus, but they have also used the emergency to push their own disgusting agendas.

Weeks ago, Bloomberg among many other Democrats claimed that President Trump slashed funding to the CDC, despite a $500 million dollar increase in funding from the previous year.

White House officials also revealed that, while meeting the Secretary of Treasury to discuss the Coronavirus, Nancy Pelosi had discussed provisions that could’ve resulted in upwards of one billion dollars in taxpayer funding going to clinics who perform abortions.

As Democrats and those in the media continue to criticize every move made by his administration, Trump is busy getting work done to help Americans, and he has been doing so for weeks practically unacknowledged.

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